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Paulo e o Shemá

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Paul’s vision was that together as Jews and the Nations they will establish the Torah – that is prove it right against all of her/its enemies (those who devalue the Torah)! Paul was so serious about it that in all congregations under his pastoral oversite he has set it up as an absolute rule about staying in the same status in which you were called to Messiah.

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Ainda há Judeus e Gregos em Cristo Jesus?

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What Apostle Saul Paul meant by the phrase “there is neither Jew nor Greek” had to do, not with cessation of difference, but with cessation of discrimination. There is no discrimination with regard to race, culture, rank, or gender, for all are one in the Jewish Christ. Gentiles will no longer be discriminated against in the Kingdom of Israel’s God. They now will play an equally important rule in God’s redemptive plan. Their faith in the Jewish Christ alone qualifies and justifies them (just as it does the Jews) in every way to be first-class citizens in God’s Kingdom, without relinquishing their important identity as the “Nations of the World”. This is exactly why Apostle Saul Paul rejoiced greatly in the decision of “Jerusalem Council”, as did all the congregations planted by him (Acts 15-16). To Paul, the justification of Gentiles by faith without the works of the Torah, did not nullify, but establish (proved) the Torah to be true (Rom.3:31).

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Possivelmente Lucas poderia ser Judeu? (Dr. Eli Lizorkin-Eyzenberg)

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Dr. Eli Lizorkin-Eyzenberg Todos os quatro Evangelhos Canônicos, tecnicamente falando, são documentos anônimos  (somente tradições posteriores atribuem a eles seus títulos formais atuais – Marcos, Lucas, Mateus  e João). Não há nada no corpo do próprio texto sagrado, e neste caso no Evangelho de Lucas, que possa identificar claramente alguém …

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O trono de Deus (Ap. 4:3-5)

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3 O seu rosto brilhava como brilham as pedras de jaspe e sárdio, e em volta do trono havia um arco-iris que brilhava como uma esmeralda. Como começamos considerando a visão que João anotou para o benefício de outros que iriam ler seu Apocalipse, devemos ir ao texto paralelo a este …