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What does Negotiation means in Hebrew?

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We know that “negotiation” is about two parties reaching a compromise that benefits both sides. In these difficult times of conflict, negotiation plays an even more important part. When negotiations seize, wars begin. It is true of personal relationships as much as the relationships between people groups and states. When …

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Gematria (Hebrew Insight)

In Biblical Hebrew Insights, Blog by Dr. Eli Lizorkin-Eyzenberg4 Comments

Gematria is a Jewish interpretive method that first circulates the numerical number of a particular word and then matches it with another word with exact same numerical value, showing a connection. Let’s take the ladder in Jacob’s dream story – Sulam (סֻלָּם). It has a numerical value of 130 (ס …

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Request your FREE copy of a great book on Abraham

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Shalom, friends! I am happy to let you know that my friend and colleague Prof. Julia Blum, a well-known Israeli Messianic author, had completed a new book about Abraham and his two sons – Isaac and Ishmael.  She brilliantly and simply called it: “Abraham had two sons”. The age-old issue …

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Could Luke be Jewish, possibly?

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Dr. Eli Lizorkin-Eyzenberg All four canonical gospels are, technically-speaking, anonymous documents (only later tradition ascribes to them their formal current titles – Mark, Luke, Matthew and John). There is nothing in the body of the sacred text itself, and in this case in the Gospel of Luke, that can clearly …