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Was the Apostle’s name Paul or Saul?

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Many modern Christ-followers, who are keenly aware of the Jewish Background of New Testament often struggle with how “the beloved apostle” should be called. Do we refer to him as Rav Shaul (Rabbi Saul) as many today do? Do we keep on calling him with the non-Jewish sounding phrase Apostle, or …

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Who is a true Jew according to Apostle Paul?

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In his letter to the Romans Apostle Paul spoke of true Jews and Jews who are not really Jews. Take these things into consideration as you ponder what that means. Imagine yourself a follower of the Jewish Messiah in Rome. Can you see yourself and others like you being under …

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Request your FREE copy of a great book on Abraham

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Shalom, friends! I am happy to let you know that my friend and colleague Prof. Julia Blum, a well-known Israeli Messianic author, had completed a new book about Abraham and his two sons – Isaac and Ishmael.  She brilliantly and simply called it: “Abraham had two sons”. The age-old issue …

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Love and Hate of the Jews in Rome

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When speaking of the Jews, Seneca, a Roman Stoic philosopher, statesman, and dramatist, says: “Meanwhile the customs of this accursed race have gained such influence that they are now received throughout all the world. The vanquished have given laws to their victors.” (Seneca quoted by Augustine, City of God, c. 5 BCE–65 CE)

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One Torah, Different Laws

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As I begin to write on this topic I am doing so with what is called “fear and trepidation”. The reason being that it is a highly controversial topic, but since I already opened this “Pandora’s box” in my last section, I have no choice but to begin to address …

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Paul and the Shema

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Paul’s vision was that together as Jews and the Nations they will establish the Torah – that is prove it right against all of her/its enemies (those who devalue the Torah)! Paul was so serious about it that in all congregations under his pastoral oversite he has set it up as an absolute rule about staying in the same status in which you were called to Messiah.

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Are there still Jews and Greeks in Christ?

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What Apostle Saul Paul meant by the phrase “there is neither Jew nor Greek” had to do, not with cessation of difference, but with cessation of discrimination. There is no discrimination with regard to race, culture, rank, or gender, for all are one in the Jewish Christ. Gentiles will no longer be discriminated against in the Kingdom of Israel’s God.

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Could Luke be Jewish, possibly?

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Dr. Eli Lizorkin-Eyzenberg All four canonical gospels are, technically-speaking, anonymous documents (only later tradition ascribes to them their formal current titles – Mark, Luke, Matthew and John). There is nothing in the body of the sacred text itself, and in this case in the Gospel of Luke, that can clearly …